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Phishing scams are one of the most popular ways that cybercriminals use to acquire highly sensitive information. Hackers will disguise themselves behind an email that seems like it is from […]
Reusing Passwords Compromise Safety One of the main verification procedures that a business uses is passwords. But the biggest downfall is that more often than not people choose weak passwords […]
An Infection From a Company User It only takes one angry employee to do some damage to the entire workplace with just a few clicks. They can install harmful malware […]
Employees Have Little To No Cybersecurity Training Because technology is ever changing we all need to continue to learn and to stay up to date on the latest and innovative […]
Giving Admin Privileges to Employees on Their Computers Smaller Businesses will sometimes give their employees access to administrative privileges on their computers because they don’t have an IT team in […]
Installation of Malicious Software Hackers are very smart and they know exactly how to trick someone into clicking on a link and this is very dangerous because as soon as […]
Nearly every website we visit today requires a username and password to be created. It becomes so hard to remember each one that we make. Even after being warned time […]
A long time client of Sabat Age Consulting, that is fully protected and backed up by using our services, received an email that appeared to be from Best Buy. As […]