Layered Security

Multi-Level Protection

Total Protection

Enterprise Class Coverage Combining multiple layers of protection ensures your properly protected from external threats

Proactive Approach

Comprised of advanced technologies that can detect and deploy the latest protection protocols and let our Network Operations Center track potential issues

Keeping you Informed

A wide range of reports are provided monthly to ensure you have visibility into the security being provided

Fully Security Monitoring

We monitor your entire environment to ensure it remains healthy and protected and will act immediately if there is an issue

Threats facing SMBs today:

• Ransomware

• Data Theft

• Hacking Attempts

• Employee Data Loss

• Phishing Attacks

• Corporate Espionage

• Daily Evolving Security Threats

Everyday over 5 million data records are lost or stolen worldwide!

Complete Security Protection for Your Business

We provide your organization with a multi layered security approach to protection. We evaluate and analyze your needs and customize our service to meet your needs.

We can provide you with a complete Layered Security Solution that includes the industry leading protection out in the market today. We will work to keep your employees protected and productive.

Don’t leave the safety and security of your network environment in the hands of your employees. Utilizing our services ensures you have a dedicated team of security professionals customizing solutions to meet your protection needs. Providing multi-layered levels of security will ensure redundancy and enhanced protection of your critical corporate data and reduction in potential hack or theft attempts will be averted.

Our Layered Security services will provide you with the skilled IT resources and enterprise-class security protection and detection you need to ensure the ongoing safety of your network against the ever evolving security threats in today’s marketplace. The confidentiality and protection of your client’s info is paramount to your viability and success as an organization.

Benefits of Our Layered Security Approach

In Depth Security Monitoring

We will keep a continual eye on your complete network 24/7/365 and be alerted to any potential issues or breach attempts allowing us to react quickly to eliminate threats.

Protect Your Company’s Critical Assets and Information

Data backup is only sufficient to a level, aligning protection levels from inception of data being saved, to backing up data, encrypting all files and proper transit to offsite locations for redundancy will provide you peace of mind in the security of your critical business files.

Comprehensive Consulting

Have confidence that your systems are continually being protected! We will provide you with monthly reports and quarterly Risk and security review meetings that will demonstrate the effectiveness of our service.

Layered Approach


• 24/7/365 Security Monitoring of core assets and access points

• Quarterly security assessments provided

• Establishes a minimum security baseline


• All Protect services plus…

• Daily management of patches, perimeter level antivirus

• Advanced security and protection monitoring

• Threat/Status Reporting and more

Analyze & Manage

• All Protect and Detect services plus…

• Additional layers of access protection for employees

• Full data backup and encryption of data to secure and compliant offsite locations

• Alignment to regulatory requirements

• Monthly security risk assessment reviews and more


• All Protect, Detect & Analyze service plus…

• Employee workflow controls

• Advanced Network security management

• Security operations center support and over watch and many more services

• Quarterly Security plan testing

• Change management and control procedures

• And more….

Why our client choose our Layered Security Services

Basic Security Protection:

• Provides a point solution to specific issues

• Requires manual monitoring and maintenance to remain current and effective

• Relies on end-user decisions for operation

• Maintains only local data backup

• Does not provide centralized management or reporting

Layered Security Protection:

• Provides comprehensive security, monitoring and management 24/7/365

• Layered security protection protocols customized to your organizations critical needs

• Leverages our security professionals to provide daily management

• Monthly reporting and quarterly consulting to demonstrate protection

“Almost 50% of SMBs shut down external network access during serious external attacks; for many SMBs, this can cause crippling revenue loss.”- Gartner