Nearly every website we visit today requires a username and password to be created. It becomes so hard to remember each one that we make. Even after being warned time and time again people still use the same password for all their accounts. Birthdates, 12345, and actually using the word password are a few of the most common phrases that are used. Although that is great for us to remember, it’s also super easy for hackers to figure out. Once a cybercriminal has managed to compromise one set of credentials they are sure to do a multitude of damage because a lot of people tend to make all their passwords either the same on all their platforms or some sort of variation. 

How safe is your password?
How safe is your password?

Three ways that we can create a password that will aid in fighting off the cybercriminals are:

  •  Creating different and unique passwords that are at least 12 characters long for all your accounts, this will make it more difficult to guess.
  •  To take your security to the next level add a mix of capital letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters like !$*.  Don’t worry if you really are having trouble generating such lengthy passwords, many apps will actually suggest a strong password for you to use. 
  • The last step to identity verification is multi factor authentication or MFA. This is a system that will require more than one type of successful authentication. Along with entering your password you will also have to provide a one time activation code sent through an SMS text, scan your fingerprint, or type a PIN. This is another layer of security that will defend against your accounts getting hijacked and used without our permission.

Here at Sabat Age Consulting we hope you never have to come across a compromised password situation, if you need help to be sure that it doesn’t happen, please contact us today!