Giving Admin Privileges to Employees on Their Computers

Smaller Businesses will sometimes give their employees access to administrative privileges on their computers because they don’t have an IT team in place to manage their network. Anyone who has administrator access can make adjustments to the settings, install programs, and manage other accounts associated with the network. This may seem advantageous for the company but it’s also very dangerous. If a cybercriminal or malware makes their way in they will have an all access pass to every single computer and account now they can hijack the computer, acquire data, change settings, and install compromised software that can do crucial damage. In order to prevent this from happening limit the access to only users who need to be able to change settings and install applications. Adding an antivirus software, installing the updates for the software, and running scans regularly will minimize the risk of an infection occurring.

Cybersecurity just isn’t something that a business can overlook any longer, let us here at Sabat Age Consulting help you implement a proactive course of action so that you won’t be caught off guard in the event a cyberattack occurs. Check back for our next cybersecurity tip!