Of all the reasons you started your business, running an IT environment probably wasn’t
one of them. But the more you rely on digital tools to connect with customers, plan
schedules, keep records, process sales or whatever else you use it for, the more dealing
with technology can seem like a full-time job.

That’s especially true with concerns about security on the rise. One recent survey found
62% of small and medium-sized businesses lack the skills to deal with security issues
themselves — and 52% felt “helpless” to defend against new cyber attacks.

You can relieve your burden with a managed IT service arrangement. We take on the
responsibility of securing, monitoring and maintaining your technology so you can focus
on your business.

1. Stronger IT security

Businesses face more cyber threats than ever before. It’s hard to keep up as threats evolve — or be confident you’re protected. With a managed service arrangement, we can implement proven layered
security processes and always up-to-date solutions to keep your business safe and compliant with data
protection laws and regulations. Our approach can cover everything from endpoint protection for your
devices to patch management for your applications, password management processes for your team,
network firewalls, external vulnerability scanning and more.

2. Strategic budgeting and predictable costs

With managed services, you gain more control over your IT expenses. A cost structure tailored to your business billing means you can budget with confidence instead of incurring unexpected costs when something breaks down. Planned maintenance helps prevent those breakdowns in the first place, and with a partner managing your IT environment, your team can spend less time dealing with IT issues. We can also advise you on technologies to invest in to meet your business goals — so you can plan for those expenditures in advance.

3. Operational efficiency and business growth

With a managed service arrangement, we help ensure you get full value from the technologies
you’ve invested in. That means maintaining peak performance of the hardware and software you
already own, reducing or eliminating downtime, and strategizing on the tools and systems that will best
serve your needs down the road. All of this helps you be more productive and efficient so you can grow your business however you choose.

4. Data protection you can count on

Power outages, fires, floods, pandemics and other unexpected events can disrupt your business in the
blink of an eye. To get back up and running as quickly as possible, you need a rigorous, well-designed data backup and protection plan. We can put in place business recovery measures that protect you against data loss even if something happens to your physical IT equipment.

5. A proactive approach

Ultimately, the managed IT service approach is all about being proactive: anticipating problems instead of reacting to them and keeping your technology working at its best instead of waiting for it to break down. This brings you greater security, productivity and return on your technology investments — and also peace of mind.

Talk to us about your managed IT needs today.

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